Hot Yoga

What Is Hot Yoga, Really?

Hot yoga is any style of yoga performed in a heated room. While it is often thought that all hot yoga classes are in a room of 105 (or more) degrees, we offer a unique and rigorous style of asana, consisting of a variety of poses linked with breath. Each of our classes are done in a in a room with the temperature set to approximately 95 degrees. 

Now, you know why it's called hot yoga, don't you?

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(Note: We do not offer the Hot 26 method of classes at our studios.) 

The Many Benefits Of Hot Yoga

Following are the eight main benefits of hot yoga:

    1. Strengthens and lengthens your muscles and spine
    2. Open up deep muscle tissue
    3. Greater flexibility in the body thanks to the continuous movement in the warm temperature
    4. Rinses and detoxify your internal organs
    5. Rejuvenation and deep rest for your mind and body
    6. Support in mental and emotional clarity and well being
    7. Improves focus
    8. Boosts your cardio-vascular health

Want to reap the benefits of hot yoga and get familiar with the best version of yourself?

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Is Hot Yoga A Good Choice For You?

While we understand hot yoga to be a healthy activity for any body – we also understand that it many not be for everyone. Considering the heated room, we do recommend consulting with your doctor before beginning hot yoga classes if you have any health concerns. 

Stay informed, stay safe. Your health and happiness are our priority.

Free To Be Power Yoga: The Best Hot Yoga Studio In Old Metairie and Downtown Nola

Free To Be Power Yoga is committed to creating rich experiences and freedom in people's lives through powerful and balanced hot yoga classes.

A team of experienced and certified hot yoga instructors, Free To Be Power Yoga is here to help breathe new life into your mind, body, and spirit. 

Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, hot yoga classes can work for you.

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