Whole Freedom

Whole Freedom

Whole Freedom is a 30 Day virtual group program led by Kelly Boudreaux, co-owner of Free To Be Power Yoga, 1500 Hour Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher, and National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach.  We will look at four different elements each day with the goal to give you WHOLE freedom in your life. 


Be Still (Meditation) - One of the core benefits of meditation is that it improves attention and concentration. One recent study found that just a few weeks of meditation training improved focus and memory. Each day you will receive a 5 to 10 minute meditation recording. 

Be Free (Movement) - Commit to 30-60 minutes of movement each day. We recommend yoga, but any movement is accepted. Don't have a membership at Free To Be? No worries, here is a one month membership (we can make this $99 for non-members) just for Whole Freedom participants. 

Be Well (Nutrition) - As program lead and a National Board Certified Health Coach, I will guide you through a Whole Foods plan of eating. It means cutting out the sugar and processed foods and getting back to the basics. In addition, we will discuss improving your relationship with food, understand nutrition so you can easily make healthier choices, control cravings, increase energy to feel great, say goodbye to dieting, and finally reach goals without feeling deprived. 

Be Curious (Inquiry) - The purpose of inquiry is to gain a deeper insight and understanding into your own essential nature. Each day you will receive a question to journal on to help you uncover things inside of you.


  • One email per day that includes a 5 minute meditation and inquiry questions for the day.
  • A subscription to the Free To Be Everywhere On-Demand Hub with private access to 5 specialty classes led by Janae and 3 Foundational/Deep Flows led by Kelly B.
  • Daily communication through WhatsApp. This will be where we build community, accountability and open daily discussion.
  • Two 30 minute classes per week at 6am (including a 5 minute meditation) led by Kelly Boudreaux on Zoom exclusively for the Whole Freedom participants only. **A recording of each class will be emailed to the group after each class.
  • Accountability chart to record your progress for yourself and with the group.
  • One 45 minute Zoom call per week with Kelly Boudreaux:
    • Monday, January 11th at 7:30 p.m. (Kick off Call)
    • Tuesday, January 19th at 7:30 p.m.
    • Tuesday, January 26th at 7:30 p.m.
    • Thursday, February 4th at 7:30 p.m.
    • Tuesday, February 9th - Celebration Call with 30 minute practice and meditation.

UPCOMING PROGRAM DATES | January 11 - February 9, 2021

PROGRAM INVESTMENT | $50 (plus the cost of yoga classes)