Beginner Yoga

Beginner Yoga – Get Started On Your Holistic Wellness Journey!

Never done yoga before? Can’t touch your toes? Come to this class and we’ll help! This class is designed to explore the fundamentals of a power vinyasa yoga practice based from the methodology of Baptiste Yoga and prepare you for all of the class offerings at Free To Be! The instructor will teach you proper alignment to create the form of each pose and give concrete direction that make the practice doable for any body. The class will move slowly and offer adaptations along the way.

We are here to help you feel confident in your practice and learn the foundational elements of each posture. 

We can’t wait to see your yoga practice evolve! The room is heated between 90 and 95 degrees.

Yoga For Beginners Near Me

Once you have decided that you want to try yoga, the first question in your mind may be where to find yoga for beginners near me?

If you reside in Old Metairie and Downtown NOLA, look no further than Free To Be Power Yoga.

Each class is tailored to help you learn and grow. 

Join Free To Be Power Yoga in Old Metairie and Downtown NOLA to embark on a lifelong wellness journey!

Setting Goals For Yourself

Everyone has a different motivation for why they join yoga classes. 

Whether you are eager to boost your health or looking to find peace and balance in your life, yoga can support you.

Following are just some goals yoga will help you achieve:

  • Strengthening muscles and tones
  • Reliving pain
  • Alleviating stress
  • Improving balance and flexibility

Experience the countless benefits beginner yoga can have on your overall health! Book a session now.

Types Of Beginner Yoga Classes Near Me In Old Metairie and Downtown NOLA

If you're looking for an introduction to this fun and challenging style of yoga, beginner yoga is where to start! At Free To Be Power Yoga, we offer multiple beginner yoga classes near me in Old Metairie and Downtown Nola. We also offer private yoga sessions if you'd prefer to learn in a 1:1 environment. Email us ( for details in setting up a private class. 

Roll Out The Mat

Wear light and comfortable clothes, bring your water and a mat (we also have these available to buy/rent), and you’re all set to begin!

After the first yoga class, you may go through multiple feelings: exhaustion, soreness, hunger but most of all, it is our hope that you feel empowered and strong! 

Free To Be Power Yoga – The Best Beginners Yoga Class Near Me In Old Metairie and Downtown NOLA

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