When is FTB Re-Opening?

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Dear Free To Be Community,

We miss you, and have loved interacting with you virtually over the last couple of months. So many of you have showed up on Instagram LiveZoom and the online hub. Thank you! If you are still learning about these outlets, check them out here.

We will either find a way or make one. -Hannibal (247-182 BC), Carthaginian General

The above quote definitely got me because we are truly making our way through this time. We have adapted each day to new challenges and opportunities. We will continue to make our way in collaboration with you. 

Our hopes and dreams were to open one or more of the studios this weekend with Phase 1. Unfortunately, there are still some restrictions that are prohibiting us to open in a way that we feel will keep you safe and our staff safe. We are watching updates closely and developing a plan so that when we can open, we can deliver you the yoga you love in a safe and welcoming environment. When we do open our doors, we will adhere to state and city guidelines. Additionally, we have developed the following procedures/policies to maintain the health and safety of this community.

  • IF YOU ARE SICK: First, if you, or an immediate family member is sick, running a fever, showing signs of COVID-19 or other illness please do NOT come to the studio. If you have traveled on an airplane within two weeks, you may be asked to practice from home. We are asking the same of our staff. 
  • CHECK IN SYSTEM: We will have a new check-in system that requires clients to enter the studio in a strategic manner avoiding large groups of people from gathering. This check-in process may look different at each location.
  • EFFICIENCY: Two staff members will be available at each class to support with check in and get you on your mat efficiently.
  • FACE MASKS: Our front desk/check in staff will be wearing face masks. Depending on what the next phase presents, we will know if face masks need to be worn during practice.
  • CLEAN HANDS: We will have hand sanitizer stations in many different locations in the studio with a requirement you sanitize hands when you come in and again the moment you get off your mat.
  • RESTROOMS: We are installing paper towel and soap dispensers into the restrooms we maintain. Communal bathrooms at the Downtown and Old Metairie studios are managed by the Landlord. We will request these items be available.
  • MATS & PROPS: There will be no rentals or shared props at this time. Next week, we will send out information on how you can purchase your yoga gear at a discounted rate so you are ready to practice.
  • 6 FEET DISTANCE: We will tape out mat spaces on the floor to be  at least 6 feet away from each other and we ask you to place your mat in the taped section.
  • EXIT FLOW: We will ask that you get to your mat quickly and stay on your mat until the teacher dismisses the classes by rows.
  • BETWEEN CLASS TIMES: Upon re-opening we will incorporate at least 1 hour between classes to maintain our  exceptional cleaning procedures that we implemented pre-Covid.
  • LATE CANCELLATION FEES: There will be a no show and late cancellation policy with the limited class sizes.
  • CASHLESS: We will become a cashless studio during this time to prevent the handling of money with our staff. Credit cards and debit cards only. We highly recommend you put your card on file now. Please email (insert a managers email) if you want to discuss putting your card on file or adding a credit to your account to make purchases without cash in studios.
  • ONLINE CLASSES: We will continue with all of our online platforms in conjunction with the opening of the studio FOREVER. You will have more opportunities to practice and stay well more than ever before Covid-19 (a silver lining).
  • KIDS: No children in the studios until further notice. 

Thank you for your patience with this process. We will update you with any new policies that get put into place. Watch all communication outlets (email, instagramFTB website and facebook) to stay in the know, because things change so quickly. :) 

In the meantime, we want to hear from you. Outside of what is listed above, what else  will make you feel safe and comfortable to practice in the studios? How many of you want to continue to practice from home for a while? We have put together a three minute survey to hear from YOU. Click on this link to view the survey.

Again, we thank you for your commitment and adaptability to the online community. It is because of you all that we can continue on in this great city of New Orleans. We are committed  offer rich experiences and freedom in your whole life through yoga (and wellness).  I am Free To Be, You are Free To Be, and We are Free To Be always and everywhere.

Much love.


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