Why Baptiste Yoga?

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With opening the new studio, we are getting a bunch of questions about the why we do what we do. Specifically, why do we stick to the same sequence and why is the room heated?

I believe the answer is easy. Because it works! And we realize that doesn’t really explain anything to a new person walking in the studio doors for the first time!

The biggest reason we focus on heat and this specific sequence, Journey Into Power, created by Baptiste Yoga, is because we are all about physically challenge the body. By physically challenging the body, change can then be created.  I think about it like this:

To create change anywhere, we have to shake things up. To boil water, you have to change the temperature. It is not an easy process and it can be challenging. To create change in your body, mind and spirit, things HAVE to be stirred, peeled, and tested. That is exactly what this practice does - stirs, shakes, peels layers and tests the whole body and mind.

So, what's the point? By using the practice to challenge and work out all of the emotional and physical junk that we pile on ourselves, it gives us access to vitality, power and freedom on and off the mat. Whoa! Pretty big stuff, huh?

Here are some more specifics:

  • The practice starts where you are as a yoga student with whatever level of ability you have and from there builds as you grow in your practice.  This is why the practice never gets boring. The practice grows as you grow. The practice doesn’t force you into a specific level of skill. The practice adapts to what you need right now.

  • It's simple, effective and right in line with how your body is designed to move and operate. It has been studied for decades and is formulated to open you up in new ways.

  • It builds functional strength: purposefully uses and trains your body the way you do in real life (bend, stretch, lift, reach, twist) so you can move through every day motions with more ease, agility, and grace

  • It’s total body training: it trains the whole person, embodying strength, flexibility, stabilization, stamina, cardio and mindfulness all in one class.

  • The practice teaches you to be highly aware and awake so you can connect with people everyday. It can give you that "yoga high".

Comment below with what other questions you have about the Baptiste Yoga practice or about Free To Be! We love talking about the why and supporting y'all in developing your practice!

In the next couple of weeks, we will have guest writers talking about their journey with Free To Be Power Yoga on instagram and here on the blog. Keep an eye out because you never know what story will relate so closely to you and inspire you to take some action in your life.

Hugs and love,
Kelly B.

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