What Makes You Feel Alive?

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I hear my heart beating. My palms are sweaty inside my gloves. The butterflies in my belly are flapping strong. I look down the steep mountainside and see the edge of my skis teetering on the side. 

I can do this, I think to myself. 

I am standing at about 12,000 feet above Sea Level on the headwall of mount Crested Butte about to descend 2000 vertical feet down.  The locals call this run steep and deep. I call this run, "Oh, shit. What did I get myself into?" 

See, I have done this same run a 100 times. I use to live here and this was my first lap while my legs were fresh. And every time, it got me just as it is today. I start to go into the what if's. If I make just one wrong turn, I am tumbling down for a long time, or for my life.

As my knees shake, I take a deep breath, look in front of me to where I want to land my skis and go. The first few turns are a little shaky, then I get into my groove. My butterflies have turned into excitement. Adrenaline is pumping through every vein on my body. I actually did it. I leapt off the edge.

I get down to the bottom and look back up to the top of the mountain. I smile at what I just accomplished.

I just danced on the edge of my life and it feels so good.

This week is our second week in the 40 Days to Personal Revolution. and the theme is Vitality. The above experience is my example of Vitality. 

In that moment, life was flowing through me. I couldn't think about anything else, but where I was standing and what I was doing. Every sort of emotion was moving through me - fear, excitement, joy, regret. I allowed myself to be with each one, dance with the edge of life, and then, literally, take the leap.

This experience also reminds me when I am dancing with the edge of life in other times. For example, public speaking is an edge for me. The moments before I speak, I feel the same physical reactions that I did on top of the mountain - heart beating, palms sweaty, and knees shaky. I know in those moments, I am up to something big!  It is just up to me to jump off the edge.

What makes you feel alive? What is your edge? Share with us by commenting below.  

If your edge is signing up for this next teacher training that start fall of 2019, register today! You have one life. Why not dance to your edge?

Kelly B.

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