We Did the Damn Thing!

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Well, we did the damn thing! It is crazy to think that we actually opened our 3rd location, Free To Be Old Metairie, last weekend. It seems a bit surreal. And, it really did happen. The schedule is now live!

Right now, I just want to thank each and everyone that helped us to get the studio doors open and who celebrated with us this past weekend. Here are some pictures of the celebration!


Now what? Well, we start on our next location, of course. Ha! I am just joking. Well, maybe.

For real though, now we enjoy it. I think sometimes this step is missed. I know I skip this step a lot. I have to be super intentional and set time aside to enjoy things. I usually get right back to work and think about the next thing. That is definitely not a good example of yoga.

So, I am going to enjoy all of this hard work by taking a little trip with my hubbie. We are going to sleep in, eat great food, go to some yummy yoga classes at Lyons Den, and explore one of our favorite cities - NYC.  Follow me on instagram (@kelly_boudreaux) to see our pics.

How do you stop and savor your wins, the small ones and the big ones?  It doesn’t have to be taking a trip every time. It could be super small like turning your phone off for a day and not answering any work emails. Or relax and read your favorite book.  Or go to yoga at Free To Be!

We do have some added workshops and special classes that can help you celebrate your weekly wins in life. Here are the details linked for you to sign up: 

Meditation Mini Workshop
Every Tuesday 10:45-11:15am in Old Metairie
Every second Wednesday 
7:15-7:45pm in New Orleans 

Introduction to Assisting Workshop
Saturday, October 6th | 8am-6pm
Old Metairie Studio, $125

NamaSurf Mashup
Wednesday, October 17 | 6-8pm
City Surf Fitness, 5924 Magazine Street 

Restorative Flow 
Every Tuesday at 9:30am in Morgan City

I want to hear how you celebrate your life. Share your stories on instagram and tag us! And as a gift, here is a meditation podcast by our very own Janae Holmes to get you into the practice of slowing down and enjoying life.

Also, next week we are going to start planning out our workshops and events for the next 90 days. We want to hear your thoughts.  Email me directly at kelly@freetobepoweryoga.com for ideas.

Until next week!

Big hugs,
Kelly B.
Co-owner, Free To Be Power Yoga

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