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Have you ever had one of those days where everything bothers you? For example, you get a phone call, and before you even pick it up, you are anxious because you assume you know what that person is calling about.

Ufff… I feel like I am having more of these days than usual. When I get like this, I know I need a quick shift of perspective, or I will go down a rabbit hole of self-judgement and guilt.

So, how can you shift your perspective?

Here are five ways to change your perspective now:

  1. Stop, drop and meditate. Use this meditation to calm you down and take you out of reaction into being present.  
  2. Come from gratitude and change your attitude. Create a daily ritual of naming 10 things you are grateful for. I commit to doing this each morning and it just sets me up to see things in a different light. When I forget, my day is a bit off. Check out this Five Minute Journal to support you with this ritual.
  3. Choose an affirmation. I told you all about the book I’ve been reading May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein. Her daily practices have helped me shift my perspective from fear to love every day.  Each day I am given a new affirmation to use through out the day to shift my perspective.
  4. Do something that challenges or scares you! I love this one. When I need a really big change in perspective, I choose to do things that are going to make my knees quiver like heli-skiing or dirt biking. Now, that can’t be an everyday occurrence, but doing new things on your yoga mat can be. Go upside down and change your perspective. Enroll in the Inversion Workshop and try something totally new that is bound to change your thinking.
  5. Be a part of something bigger than yourself! What better way to change your thinking, but to volunteer your time to a community or non-profit that is up to something so big you have to change your perspective. Check out these organizations to see if they need some support: Africa Yoga Project, Project Peaceful Warriors, Wounded Warriors Project and Girls on the Run.

Friends, I have those days too where I am in a funk and now you have my favorite tools to get me out of it quicker. I don’t like to sit in my own shit, believe me, and I’m pretty sure you don’t either.

Lastly, I invite you all to comment below. I want to hear from you and engage. By sharing your story you can help others as well.

Much love,
Kelly Boudreaux

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