Seasons of Life

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This week we have really landed in Fall. We are completely experiencing a seasonal change. It makes me think. Yes we have seasonal changes, like Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer, but we also have life seasonal changes.

What am I talking about? I am talking about the seasons of life. Our lives are made up of different seasons based on our emotions and responsibilities.

For example, right now I am in the season of slowing down and nurturing the creations I have created. You heard a little about this last week on the blog around slowing down.  

Why? Well, because of the reality I am in right now. I am about to have my third baby, my body is slowing down, my energy level is low, and I still have two other little boys that need my attention.

Now this may sound like I’m complaining, but I am totally not. It is just what is happening right now.

And my last season set me up to get right where I am today. I was in full creation season - new studio, new leadership team, teacher training content, and this new blog! Oh, and I created this baby. With my husband of course!

The thing I am learning about these seasons is to take them as they come. I could push myself, but what would that do? Probably end up in early labor and I don’t want that to happen. Right now, it is time to enjoy the creations and nurture them versus add on more to them.

This can be a challenge, but it’s a practice right? This is yoga off the mat.

So what do you do with this information? I invite you to do some discovery.

Take notice, what season are you in right now? Not the outside season, but where are you in your life? Is it time to put your feet to the ground and push harder because you have that energy and emotional level? Is it time for you to stay where you are and be content? Is it time for you to slow down and reevaluate what is most important right now to say yes to and to say no to?

Honestly, yoga has been my tell, my tell of what season I am in. If I am in my most creative space where I can get a million things done in a week, then Free To Be Level Up is my go to class. If I am in content season, I am in Free To Be Flow (All Levels). If I am where I am today slowing down and nurturing, then Free To Be Restorative Flow is my jam. The human body can tell us so much if we just listen.

How long do seasons of life last? There is no answer.  Enjoy whatever season you are in because it is all temporary knowing that at some point your season of life will change.


Big Hugs,
Kelly B.


P.S. As a gift here is a short guided meditation for you to become more aware of where you are today!

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