Prepare for New Years: Create Your 2019 Vision

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Hey lovely,

Do you love New Year’s resolutions as much as I do? At times in the past, they made me anxious and I would set unrealistic expectations for myself.  Now, I truly enjoy them and I even get my kids involved with the whole process.

Instead of setting a resolution, I set my vision and goals for the year.  The vision and goals work that I use is based off the teaching of Susanne Conrad, founder of Lightyear Leadership.  The way this work is designed is that I actually get to leap into the future and see what I want to create with my l life. I love this concept because it doesn’t put any limits on what I can create.

When I work from what is happening now, I limit myself to go for something big and bold.

Here is a quick snippet on ways to prepare for you Vision and Goals work of 2019:

    1. Celebrate 2018: I made a vision board in 2018. Now, at the end of the year, I go back and review all the things I said I wanted to do. Then I circle what actually was done and celebrate it like no other. How to celebrate? Do this work with your best friends and family,  and talk about all the accomplishments you have made throughout the year. Or do a happy dance if you are doing it by yourself. Now, for those things that did not get done, oh well!!! Put them on 2019 if it is fitting. Don’t get stuck on it not getting finished. Did any one of them get started? If yes, that is a win! For example, I put that I wanted to write a book this year. I did not write a book, but I started this blog. It is moving me in that direction!
    2. Envision 2019 - Now it is time to set your vision for 2019. Start by writing out your 2019 vision. What do you want to create? What do you want to do? Who do you want to be? What do you want to wear? How do you want to feel? What impact do you want to make? Get to the details of what your 2019 will look like. In 2019, I want to simplify my life even more.  I want to be more resourceful and start to make things from scratch like elderberry syrup and homemade pasta. I just want to go back to the simple life so I can focus on the important things like family, changing more lives through yoga and supporting entrepreneurs grow their business mindfully. What do you want to do? I highly encourage you to do this work with friends so you can bounce ideas off each other and share the goals. The more you share with others, the more committed you will be.
    3. Vision Board 2019 - Get out your magazines and pictures, and start cutting out all those pictures that make your vision a reality. This will also serve as your goals sheet. This will take some time, but I promise it is worth it! I hang my finished product up in my office and it stays there all year. It is a reminder of what I have set my eyes to do for the year.  

Now, go get after it. Do this with your friends, family or by yourself. Like I said in the beginning, I even get my boys to participate in this work. They had so much fun doing it! Cooper put all the places he wanted to travel and Henry wanted to entertain all his friends. I must say, they accomplished most of these things!

One more request, share you vision boards on instagram and tag @freetobepoweryoga. We want to see what you are working on and help you fulfill on your vision.  Also, if you have other ways you set your new year’s resolutions, comment below.

Happy Visioning!

Kelly B.

P.S. Don’t forget to put the New Year Yoga Challenge and 40 Days to Personal Resolution as one of your goals. Or maybe you want to go through our teacher training (YES) or expand your practice via a Baptiste Institute Training at Free To Be! 

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