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One topic of conversation that has been big over the last month is the flu. The flu made its way through lots of homes last year. Two of four of my family members had it. It is no fun!

I am not here to get into the conversation of whether I believe in the flu vaccine or not. What I do believe is, even if you do get the shot you still have to prevent and nurture your body by what you eat, healthy habits and supplementation. The vaccination can not be the one all answer to prevention of cold and flu. Sorry, not sorry for saying this!

Today I am providing 10 tips that can help you boost your immune system naturally and stay healthy through the flu season. All of my tips come from my nutrition background as a Health Coach and resources like Mint Health and Wellness Mama.  I made a flu prevention kit for my family to have ready and prepped for the coming months. It is in one clear plastic bin ready for everyday and on the spot use.

Here are the 10 Tips:

  1. Reduce Sugar: Funny, I am talking about this now after the Halloween frenzy of treats. I am so over it and I already see the sugar taking a toll on my kids' health. They have bags under their eyes and are getting the sniffles. Yes, I do believe this is correlated to sugar consumption! Here are the facts: Sugar feeds disease and sickness. Consuming too much sugar can suppress your immune system making it more difficult to fight infections. And here is the reality. Holidays are in full action. How do you make it through the season and have fun? Why not pick just a few days during this holiday season where you splurge or your child splurges to eat those sweet treats? The rest of the time reach for fruit and root veggies. Seems easy to me!

  2. Wash yo’ hands: For real! Wash them frequently and thoroughly with real soap for 20 seconds to kill all those yucky bugs.

  3. Check your gut: Did you know that 80% of your immune system is in your gut? Maybe this is why our intuition also comes from our gut :) Keep your gut healthy by taking a high-quality, multi-strain probiotic with at least 25 billion units to help keep your good bacteria fighting off infections.

  4. Limit your stress: Well this can be easier said than done! And, just know, that stress highly affects your immune system. What to do? Come to yoga or meditate!

  5. Sleep, sleep, sleep: Get your 7-9 hours of sleep in my friends.

  6. Supplement your health: I have a daily list of supplements for me, my husband and my kids to take to support their immune system based on what is happening with them. A few that are musts recommended from my NP at Mint Health are Glutathione, Vitamin D and Zinc. The amount you or your child needs depends on your current levels. I highly recommend having a quick screening to check your levels to support in correct supplementation.

  7. Say yum to bone broth: It is proven that a good-quality bone broth like Kettle and Fire is highly beneficial for your immune system and gut health. So stock up and prep those veggie and chicken noodle soups for the season.

  8. Sweat every damn day: Exercise helps boost the immune system by increasing circulation which makes it easier to fight off an illness. Exercise also lowers stress, as we know. Get on your mat people! It’s good for you!

  9. Stock up on Oscillococcinum (Oscillo®) and Elderberry: Oscillococcinum is one of the world’s most popular natural flu medicines and it has been proven to reduce the duration and severity of flu-like symptoms when taken at the onset of symptoms. Kiddos 2 and up can take this as well! I read from an holistic doctor out of San Francisco that you can take it once a week to support in flu prevention. 

    Another source that has been seen to reduce symptoms of the flu is elderberry syrup. The kids will love this one too! We take it on a daily basis to support the immune system as well. My favorite is a local product, Always, check with your doctor if you have questions about these products!

  10. Hydrate! Grab a Free To Be Power Yoga water bottle and refill that bad boy with filtered water all day long! 

And there you go. There are, of course, more things you can do, but these are ones I believe to be achievable. If you have any recommendations, comment directly here so everyone can learn from them.

Stay healthy friends!

Kelly Boudreaux

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