Life Happens in the Pause

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It was day three of Maxwill’s life and we just got home from the hospital. My whole family was finally in one location.

My husband, Cleve and the bigger boys were in the kitchen eating dinner, and I was nursing Maxwill in the nursery.  There was no music, phone or television. I was just listening to all the sounds from the big boys laughing, feeling Maxwills little 9 pound body on me, and hearing the gentle rain that was falling outside the window.

In that moment, life was happening. I wasn’t doing anything. I was simply experiencing the moment with my family.

In that moment, I was reminded of the importance of the pause.

This past weekend, I implemented this thought into my yoga practice. I participated in the Baptiste Power Yoga Teacher Course by the Baptiste Institute. Yes, I was a student and it was amazing! Part of our discussion over the weekend was around getting to the peak of the pose and receiving the pose.

At this point, I may have lost you, but hold on.

The peak of the pose is right after the breath. It is the pause before moving to the next breath and pose.

For example, it may sound like this.

"Breathe in. Extended mountain pose to the peak of the pose. Pause. Receive the pose. Forward fold, breathe out. Pause. Receive the pose."

See, the pause is the important part. The pause is where you as student can receive the pose and experience a change or transformation in your practice.

What I see often in my own practice and yours - yes, I am watching you - is a rushing to get to the next pose or a struggle in the pose that causes resistance.

What if you just paused and received the pose as it is or as it is not? What could happen?

Possibly, life could happen.

By receiving the pause on day three of Maxwill’s life, I was able to celebrate all that was happening and actually remember the moment. I have such a clear mental picture of it.  I can remember that I was wearing a green dress, the boys were eating fajitas, hearing Henry ask all the questions about his new baby brother, and crying tears of joy and overwhelm of what just happened. I can still remember the sensations that were happening in my body.

I was at a peak in my life and I was receiving. Life happened in that pause.

Kelly B.

P.S. Can you remember those moments on your mat or off where you paused and received your life? Comment below.  Also, if you are looking to learn more about pausing and getting your life back, sign up for 40 Days to Personal Revolution today!

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