How Did We Get Here?

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It seems like yesterday that Janae Holmes and I, Kelly Boudreaux, were sitting at La Boulangerie on Magazine Street signing our first lease for Free To Be Power Yoga. We both had our newborn sons, Henry and Alexander, with us in car seats as we embarked on this new adventure.
Now fast forward 3.5 years, we are about to open our third location in Metairie, Louisiana and have each had more babes. I actually have one on the way. Whoa!!!
Before we opened the current Uptown, New Orleans location in 2015 at 4609 Magazine Street, Janae and I both had small locations of Free To Be Power Yoga that were sister studios. One was in Morgan City and one was on Tchoupitoulas Street in New Orleans. 
When we opened those locations, each of us was looking for something to call our own yoga homes. We wanted a place to belong, share Baptiste Yoga, and own a business while having a family and raising babies. We had both just recently moved to the state or back into the state of Louisiana with our husbands. Side note: we did not know each other before Louisiana. Though it seems like we have known each other forever!
Quickly, we saw that our yoga homes were becoming other people's yoga homes. We were all growing together in our practice and in our lives. We had a place to belong and relate to others, and so did our students. We kept hearing stories of how the practice and FTB was changing their lives. And, at the same time, Free To Be was changing our lives. 
Before our eyes, the community formed and the culture and core values of Free To Be Power Yoga were born.
We realized we had to keep creating the spaces for Free To Be Power Yoga to grow and continue sharing this practice. We decided to move our Morgan City and New Orleans locations into new spaces that fit our core values and culture, and grow Free To Be Power Yoga 100% together.

Each studio looks a little different inside, but the bones are the same. The culture, core values and practice of Baptiste Yoga are what connects them all and that is very intentional on what we, Janae and I, are doing as we open each and every studio or business venture within Free To Be.

And there it is.  The story of how we ended up here days away from opening our third location. We currently reach over 850 people weekly in our two current locations and have trained over 80 people to become certified yoga teachers. Our core values of belonging, integrity, grace, community, impact, resilience, evolving, love and vibrancy are at the heart of what we do every day.

Now this is the edited version and does not include the tears, the laughter, the moments of fear, the moments of joy, or the failures. We can discuss that later.

Overall, the joy these yoga studios give me is unexplainable. It is my family. I can not take all the credit for this and neither can Janae. The students and this practice, Baptiste Yoga, have been the source of creating our culture. We are now simply hosting it for all you guys and will continue to do that for a long time. So, thank you and thank you Baptiste Yoga!

If this is your first time visiting our website, WELCOME! I personally invite you to come to the studios to check us out and see for yourself what the heck I am talking about. We have classes 7 days a week between our three locations.

And here's to our journey on this blog together. I am open to any suggestions of topics you guys want to hear about. Comment below or email me anytime:

Love and Hugs,
Kelly Boudreaux


About the FTB Blog: My name is Kelly Boudreaux and I am co-owner of Free To Be Power Yoga. When we speak about Free To Be it includes all locations - New Orleans, Morgan City and Old Metairie.  I reside in Morgan City, Louisiana, with my husband, Cleve, and two little boys, Henry and Cooper. I am also expecting a new Boudreaux family member in late November. Woohoo to baby #3. I will be the main voice of our new blog along with lots of guest writers. The focus on the Free To Be blog will be all things yoga related. That means we will discuss poses, local and world leaders that embody yoga, transformations happening inside the studio, the training of leaders and teachers, the science of yoga, insider info into owning and running yoga studios, wellness, healthy eating, embodying yoga as a mom (or dad), kids yoga, and anything else related to the yoga lifestyle. Basically yoga and all the things.

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