Distractions Are The Enemy of Presence

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"Distractions are the enemy of presence." - unknown. 

I believe someone well known has said this statement before me, but not sure who it was. It is the truth and we are living in a world full of distractions.

Leading teacher trainings and yoga classes, I get to speak personally with a lot of my students about what they want in their life.  An overall theme is to be more present.  I hear so often how they want to stop doing and looking to the next thing, and just be in the here and now. 

It seems so simple to be present. All you have to do is focus on the one thing that you are doing in that moment. That's it! 

Then you are doing that thing and you start thinking about the next thing you need to do, your phone rings, one of your kids start asking you a million questions about the most random stuff, a text message is coming in the same time your phone rings, you need to stir the pot of food on the stove, oh, and, don't forget to check social media to see what is really happening in the world. (This right here describes my life on a daily basis).

We have more opportunities to be distracted than we do to be present. This makes it way easier to be distracted on a daily basis than present to what is really happening. In addition, some of us do not want to be present to what is really going on in their lives. That is another conversation for another day like during our 200 hour teacher training. (wink, wink).

That is why I have decided to share 5 ways to create more presence in your life. Here they are:
  1. Be intentional in planning your week - I plan my week on Sundays. I don’t plan by the hour because I want to leave space for the unknown. I have actually been setting each day as a theme. For example, Monday is financial day for work and family and Tuesday is content day. By creating a theme, I know what needs to fit in that day and my focus is laser beamed to one subject.

  2. Breathe into the overwhelm - Instead of reacting to those overwhelming moments when distraction settles in, stop and take a breath. Breathe in for 1-2-3-4-5, breathe out for 1-2-3-4-5. Take as many breaths as you need. This action calms me down. It allows for me to handle the distractions with grace versus reaction and force. The breath also brings me back into my body and reminds me where I am in that moment.

  3. Meditate daily - I will not say this enough. Meditate, meditate, meditate. Meditation supports you in stopping and dropping in to your body. Meditation wakes you up to what is really happening in your life. I like to meditate in the middle of the day because it helps me represence myself to the day. Do what works for you!

  4. Own Your Busyness - Busyness is another form of distraction. Being busy became my go to excuse of why I forgot things, or wasn't fully showing up for people. One day, I decided to embrace the busyness. Reality is, I have one million things to do and I can add a lot more to my plate. And those one million things, I have put on my plate. It was a choice. Instead of fighting with the busyness, I have embraced it and now I am more aligned with what I have going on. I actually say I am abundant, not busy. When flipping it, your busyness becomes your business. This gives the task more life and not a mindless thing that has to get done. There is purpose in it.

  5. Remember your Drishti - The yoga practice has taught me the importance of Drishti. I am always putting my attention on what I want to have happen. When I get distracted, I just tell myself to locate my drishti, and I get back into that moment. Now, I might have to repeat this a million times in a day, but I am being brought back into the present continually.

These 5 tips will help you win the battle of distraction and stay present in your life. Really, being present is just being awake to this world we live in. If you are not awake and present to what is in front of you, then are you really living?

I invite you all to try these tips on and comment below about your experience. I can't wait to hear from you!


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