Connection is Love

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This month I turned 38. Like every year my husband asks me, about two weeks before my birthday, “What do you want to do for your birthday?”  

I hesitate for a minute because I start to feel guilty about what I am about to say. Then I just say it.

I want to have a gathering with all of our friends at our house,” I say.

Cleve looks at me and says, “All of them?

Without hesitation, I say yes. He fires back an okay and, I got this, look. I sigh with relief. I don't even know why I was hesitant to request this.

Saturday, February 2nd at 6:30 our first set of guests arrive at the house. Then the door keeps opening. Another group arrives. And then another. It really happened.

A majority of our friends and family were able to make it for the birthday gathering. Immediately I felt an overwhelm of gratitude and love. Each of the couples there had 2 to 4 kids that they had to find babysitters for and they made it to the gathering.

Friends and family filled every inch of my house. Mainly the kitchen because you know that is where people like to hang out. Chatter filled the home and beverages poured into glasses.

For a few hours, we each got to put the day to day aside and reconnect. The conversations were deep and laughs were thunderous.

Again, I was filled with gratitude

I realized in that moment that this is love. Connecting with my people and enjoying each other is love. Not receiving gifts and sitting at fancy dinner. Now, I do not mind those things at all! But, being together and just catching up on each other’s lives made my heart full.


Connection is love.


Last Thursday, I walked into the door at 5:28pm of the Morgan City studio and laid down my mat. Yes, I laid down my mat. I came to practice for me.

And then we started class. Within the first five minutes my breath connected with the other 10 students in class. In that moment, the practice was not just about me.

Right there, I experienced that feeling of overwhelming love and gratitude. The same feeling when I looked around my house at my party.

It is confirmed again. Connection is love.

Here's the thing. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Instead of the standard box of chocolates or roses, I invite you to go connect with your other human beings. Whether it is through a yoga class, calling someone to say what they mean to you, or write a card to your loved one. Connect with someone because, I promise, it will bring more love and gratitude into your life too.

After you have made your connection, come back and comment below. I want to hear about them!

And, Happy Valentine’s Day friends. I love you!

Kelly B.

P.S. Another way to connect with a loved one is bring them to our I Heart Yoga Flow tomorrow night.  The class is complimentary for your loved one! Join all Free To Be studios on Thursday February 14 at 6pm (5:30 pm in Morgan City) for a special class dedicated to all types of love, especially the most important love of all: self-love.

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