5 Poses To Ensure Bead Catching

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Wait. What? Did you read that right?

Yep, you sure did. Even though yoga and Mardi Gras seem like two opposite sides of the spectrum, they actually complement each other quite well. Or, maybe we have fully embraced it.  

No matter the reason, we love Mardi Gras and think yoga goes hand in hand with it. One of the big things about Mardi Gras is the parades and catching all the goodies. Well, I have good news.  All your hard work and dedication this year, especially during the New Year Yoga Challenge last month, has supported you in catching all the throws. Seriously. My friends, it is all about the reach in catching Mardi Gras goodies.

Here are 5 Poses to practice to ensure bead catching:

  1. Extended Mountain Pose - When the float rolls by, jump in front of all your people. Ground down the four corners of your feet so no one knocks you down, reach your fingertips to the sky, and yell from the top of your lungs, “Throw me something mister!”

  2. Samasthiti - When you spot that person you know on the float, lock eyes with them. Ground down into your feet and squeeze your thighs. Do not move your eyes. Keep your hands by your sides ready to catch the goods. Your friend on the float can not resist the stare down and now feels obligated to throw his best stuff. Get ready to catch it all.

  3. Warrior Three - The float is passing and your friend spotted you. She is screaming your name and launches the prettiest shoe you have ever seen. Bend at the hips and left one leg away from the float. Ground into your standing foot. Reach your hands forward and receive the shoe.

  4. Warrior 1 - This is the ultimate pose for bead catching. Find your spot. Set your feet in a long stance. Front foot at 12 o’clock and back foot at 9ish. Reach your hands in the air and start yelling like crazy. This pose takes up space so no one can elbow you and it grounds you to catch the big stuff.

  5. Handstand - Okay, now you are thinking I have gone crazy. But, this pose will totally throw people off. All eyes will be on you, the catchers and the throwers. This give you access to all the attention. Once you got all the attention, stand up and say, “Throw me something.” You will get all the good stuff because you have distracted everyone.

    Okay, we have given you our secrets and set you up for success. Go out there and get the goods. Tag @freetobepoweryoga on instagram in action.

    Happy Mardi Gras!

    Kelly B.

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