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Restoration Happens in the Transitions

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"The time to relax is when you don't have the time for it." 

How many times have you told yourself you don't have time to relax or restore? If your answer is a lot, you are right where you need to be. 

Last week in our 40 Days to Personal Revolution program the theme is restoration. There is a whole week focused on restoration because there is proof that a high percentage of humans are constantly running mindlessly from one thing to the next. Or, they are filling their time with screen time - email, social media, etc.
The reality is...things are not going to slow down.

The question do you restore constantly throughout the day instead running at full speed?

Here is one simple tool. Use your transitions as a way to restore. 


Just imagine you have three - five minutes before you walk into a meeting, conversation, or coffee date. Instead of grabbing for your phone, ask yourself these questions: 
1. What can I contribute to this meeting/conversation/coffee date? 
2. Who do I want to be for the person sitting across from me? 
3. What is my intention for being with this person? 

These few questions will ground you to be with the person you are sitting across from. This tool slows you down to restore from what you were coming from to what you are walking into. 

Oh, and you can do this in your practice too. Before you walk into class from wherever you are coming from, ask yourself the same questions:
1. What can I contribute to my practice today?
2. What does my practice need today?
3. What is my intention for being on my mat today?

Give it a try beautiful people. You deserve to restore every chance you got.


P.S. Try out our restoration class on Sundays in Old Metairie if you want to add some more goodness to your plate. 

P.P.S. For more mindful educational tips, stay tuned to this blog and share it with your friends!
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What Makes You Feel Alive?

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I hear my heart beating. My palms are sweaty inside my gloves. The butterflies in my belly are flapping strong. I look down the steep mountainside and see the edge of my skis teetering on the side. 

I can do this, I think to myself. 
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Distractions Are The Enemy of Presence

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"Distractions are the enemy of presence." - unknown. 

I believe someone well known has said this statement before me, but not sure who it was. It is the truth and we are living in a world full of distractions.
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5 Poses To Ensure Bead Catching

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Wait. What? Did you read that right?

Yep, you sure did. Even though yoga and Mardi Gras seem like two opposite sides of the spectrum, they actually complement each other quite well. Or, maybe we have fully embraced it.  

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Life Happens in the Pause

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What I see often in my own practice and yours - yes, I am watching you - is a rushing to get to the next pose or a struggle in the pose that causes resistance.

What if you just paused and received the pose as it is or as it is not? What could happen?

Possibly, life could happen.

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