10 and 20 Class Package Expiration Extensions

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To our Free To Be Package Holders,

We are extending the expiration date of your package. We will extend your expiration once our studios re-open to include the time that is missed. Thank you for your patience as we adapt to the news each day. We appreciate you for being a part of our community. Stay in the work and get on your mat with all of our free content: Instagram Live Stream classes daily and Free To Be Everywhere Podcast

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Free To Be Everywhere | Live Stream & Podcast

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Free To Be is now Everywhere! We have gone totally virtual with livestream classes on Instagram, Zoom calls with our community, a brand new podcast and more!

To access the Instagram Live classes, follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to your Instagram account at the time of the Live Streamed class.
    • You can only view Live Stream content from a phone or tablet
    • You are not able to view Live Stream content from a laptop or desk top computer.
  • Search for Free To Be Power Yoga to get to our home page.
  • Click on the large circle logo THAT SAYS LIVE at the top left corner of the screen.
  • You are not visible on the livestream but you can comment to interact with the other viewers.
  • The livestream classes will be made available to view for 24 hours after the class occurred.

These classes are free to everyone! The schedule of classes can be found on the schedule page of our website and in the MINDBODY app!


Download the new Free To Be Everywhere podcast with 40+ recordings from actual live classes at Free To Be!


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Temporary Studio Closure

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Dear Beloved Free To Be Community,

With intentional planning and lots of thought, we have decided to temporarily close all three studios.  The intention is to keep our community healthy and safe. We have been following all reliable outlets to make informed decisions on what is best for the whole; our teachers, our staff, our students, our community and New Orleans. 

We do not yet have a date of how long we will keep the studios closed. We will follow things day by day and be in communication with you as promptly as possible. 

With this there is a silver-lining. We are launching our online platform to deliver classes live and on demand. No matter what, we are committed to continually sharing yoga with you. We will communicate our detailed plans in the coming days and appreciate your patience.

We understand that you may have questions and we are here to answer them as best as we can. Stay tuned for the launch of our online programming that will be accessible to all membership and package holders.

We love you and please remember that we are stronger together even when we are apart.

With love,
Kelly, Janae and the Free To Be team
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Health Updates at Free To Be Power Yoga

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Dearest Free To Be Community, 

We at Free To Be Power Yoga are on a mission to keep our whole community healthy. We are being very proactive and taking the necessary steps to fulfill this mission. We truly appreciate you collaborating in moving this forward. Stay up to date on all the steps we are taking, changes we are making and news we have to share on this site (along with emails and social media).

Our very first step to a healthy community that we are taking is requesting that if you are feeling sniffly or under the weather, that you wait to come to yoga until you are back at 100%. We are also asking the same of our staff. We understand the need and want to be on your mat. Here is a link to Free To Be's YouTube channel so you have some audio recordings of classes to use while you are at home practicing. 

The following are some things you can expect to see at our studios temporarily:

  • No Hands On Assists: There will be no hands on assists. We know you love these hands on assists and we do too! As soon as we can bring this perk of Free To Be back, we will.
  • Rentals: We request you bring your own mat, mat towels and sweat towels. We will still have these items available for rent but on a much more limited basis. We are now using stronger cleaning solutions to support our health mission.
  • Shared Props: Blocks and straps will be removed temporarily from the yoga room. If a block or strap is supportive to your practice, we encourage you to bring your own or get creative; your water bottle and your personal sweat towel can replace a block and a strap. We will use pillow cases over bolsters in the Restorative classes.
  • Lavender Towels: Oh, the lavender towels! We love them so much too, but we will pause with these as well. We promise to bring them back as soon as we can!
  • No iPads at Check In: We have removed the iPads from the studios and you will check in with the teacher or team member at the front desk upon arrival. Just like the good 'ol days :)
  • High Traffic Areas: We will more frequently be cleaning high traffic areas (door knobs, yoga floors, etc) thanks to our staff and Energy Exchange team!
  • Open Doors: We will be leaving the doors to the Uptown and Old Metairie studios open during practice to support with greater air flow and ventilation.

What we are asking of you:

  • Take care of yourself. It is so important to eat healthy and take care of yourself during this time. If you are not feeling 100%, please stay home and get well.
  • Wash yo’ hands my friends. We have hand soap in each bathroom to get your hands clean! There was a funny tweet from a mom in Baton Rouge to her daughter in Washington that says, “Wash your hands like you just ate crawfish and need to put your contacts in.”  Wash your hands like that.
  • Show the love. Give out elbow bumps or a smile instead of sweaty hugs right now. We still want to show all the love in the studios!
  • Be there for each other. Call your elderly and loved ones and check in if they need anything. 

We may sound like the moms of the house, and, well, some of us are. Our overall goal is to get you healthy and keep you healthy. This is our very conservative effort to take care of all of you and us. We appreciate each of you and thank you for being a part of our community! If you have any questions/concerns/comments, reach out to us with anything.

The Free Be Power Yoga Team

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